Head : the head simulation real baby size, very cute

Body : the shoulders and body with internal filling material , and body joints can be put on the naive baby shape .

Padding:body filler for high -quality soft materials , the limbs are filled with soft material of high quality clean and environmentally friendly .

Hair :her hair is pure wool processing hair , rooted up by hand a needle and a needle , the pores of the hair root is visible , extremely realistic , like a real baby's hair , meticulous soft . More realistic effect .

hair Style: the hair is naturally similar baby lanugo straight hair, with a little bending . Hair can be any shape, and fixed . Just like a real baby 's hair can be washed.

Eyes:Taiwan made high quality acrylic eyes are used , the eyes with large iris , more like a real baby 's eyes , clear and bright , extremely realistic .

Eyelids :eyelids red eye socket , or even tears Oh, you had better take care of her,

Eyelashes :dark brown curly eyelashes , eyelash color and hair color coordination

Eyebrows : completely hand-drawn up the plane . Eyebrows need to be treated with caution , do not force wipe .

Nose : the nostrils are open, just like breathing .

Lips: warm and humid, look natural and soft , you can not help but want to kiss

Cloth , you can wear it beautiful cloth.

Nails: completely hand-drawn nails , redness of the nail bed and translucent nails , and even some nails life milky a half of moon shap

Skin:The skin is the most unique place this doll , designers will spend a lot of time to baby's skin looks more realistic multi-layer manufacturing processes . Color after special treatment, will not fade . Some little face pink blush .